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Looking for cats

Exactly two months ago, the Norwegian government announced that everyone should stay at home. The memorable moment of that day is the soundscape in the supermarket: dozens of people kicking a plastic shopping cart at the same time along the floor in a line that moves across the entire store - a sharp “shhhhhhh” in the canon.

The situation starts to stabilize. Quickly, our homes begins to take shape according to our new needs. Or then the physical circumstances in everyday life start to disappear. The only element that brings structure is the top bar of the browser and the programs that are open on the screen at the same time. Our daily routines are carried out in the same physical position. Me reaching out to you computer, and you, computer, with your screen slightly bent away from me.

Isolation shapes something else as well. The concern grows. We sit in our apartments, wear gloves when touching common door handles and are worried. We may be thinking about children in refugee camps and the elderly in wards where the epidemic has spread. We are so full of worries that we become restless. We may not get our work done. We store videos in our side libraries with the tags “comforting cats” or “pet and owner meet after a long break”. We read in the news that people are adopting more cats.. The same column may have a picture of a mass grave.

We are theatre makers at a time when physical presence is not possible. However, theater is the art of physical presence. If there is no physical presence in the theater, its essence is gone. In exceptional circumstances, theater tries to make its mark on the internet in order to enable its creators to make a living. Or to forcibly continue something that you started before the isolation and that one just cannot let go of. You have to keep producing. But while cheering your colleagues on, there is also a wistful feeling of loss. Once a cat has run away, all we can do is hope for the best, announce on social media, or post pictures of our cat on lantern poles. We are looking for a living and breathing entity through images.

This project was supposed to be theater. Now it may have turned into something else. “Katt savnet,” however, asks the same questions the theater has always asked. What is impressive? What makes us feel pleasure? What stops us? What are we at when we get together? How does art think? What kind of society and activities does art suggest? What things should be revealed? What things need to change? Where are we heading?

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Batcat - projeksjoner på vegg

Idé og gjennomføring: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, Lærke Grøntvedt og Jo Even Bjørke.
Projeksjon: Endre Tveitan.

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Cat manifesto - The only accepted form of unreasonableness is self-irony

Text: Pipsa Enqvist
Performance: Sofie Frost
Linguistic assistance: Linda Gathu
Text reference: Camilla Rantanen

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Contemporary Housing, the movie

Idé, regi og visuelt konsept: Lærke Grøntved og Lea A. Basch
Foto: Matilda Höög og Larry G.
Klipp: Lærke Grøntved og Magne Pettersen
Lyd på sett: Petter Width Kristiansen
Lydklipp og spesialeffekter: Magne Pettersen
Flaggermus, design og dukkeføring: Lea A. Basch
Grafisk design: Jo Even Bjørke og Lea A. Basch

Larry G.: Lærke Grøntved
Lea Basch og Vivian V.: Lea A. Basch
Åge: Sara Baban
Investor: Jesper Halle
Petter Lydmann: Petter Width Kristiansen
“Svensk flicka bag kameraet”: Matilda Höög
Björn Honsson, Skrap (Sprutbass og Melkeveien remix), Krzysztof Komeda, Thomas Pribyl, Tilman van Tankeren

Produsent: We See
Co-produsent: Sofie Frost

Takk til:
Tom Trøbråten, Arne Andreas Opheim, Line Lyngstadaas, Asbjørn Karlsrud, Marthe Sofie Løkeland Eide, Kjetil Poulsson, Carle Lange, Tore Vagn Lid, Kai Johnsen, Ylva Greni og Knut Hamsun.

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Idé & gjennomføring : Ingri Enger Damon & Natali Abrahamsen Garner

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Idé av Sofie Frost og Jo Even Bjørke

Kamera: Bernhard (katt)
Klipp: Jo Even Bjørke
Tekst: Sofie Frost
Stemme: Natali Abrahamsen Garner

Kamera: Bernhard (katt)
Klipp: Jo Even Bjørke
Tekst: Sofie Frost
Stemme: Lærke Grøntved

Kamera: Bernhard (katt)
Klipp: Jo Even Bjørke
Tekst: Sofie Frost
Stemme: Sara Baban

Kamera: Bernhard (katt)
Klipp: Jo Even Bjørke

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Lydstasjon Slottet
Tekst: Sofie Frost
Stemme: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen

Lydstasjon Akerbrygge
Tekst: Sofie Frost
Stemme: Lea Basch

Lydstasjon YBlokka
Tekst: Sofie Frost
Stemme: Sofie Frost

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Om det usynlige

Idé, regi & kamera: Sara Baban
Medvirkende: Thee Yezen Al-Obaide (& Lykke)

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Regissøren (Under konstruksjon)

Ide, Regi og Manus: Ingrid Liavaag og Linda Gathu

Dramaturg: Pipsa Enqvist
Kinematograf: Mattias Pollak
Lyd på sett: Valeria Munoz
Klipp: Ingrid Liavaag
Lyddesign: Yvonne Stenberg
Lys Peer Gynt: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen
Maske: Natalie Beckford

Semira: Selome Emnetu
Narratøren: Ingri Enger Damon
Teatersjefen: Per Frisch
Julie: Samantha Lawson
Martin Treværk: Petter Width Kristiansen
Hanne: Ellen Bendu
Tobias: Patrick Hilmar Ingvaldsen
Peer Gynt: Jonas Hoff Oftebro
Mann: Christoffer Masters.

Takk til:
Magne Pettersen, Anni Tiainen, Yuchen Duan, Victoria Meirik, Katinka Gressvig, Carle Lange på Sinsen Sentral, Adam på K4 galleriet og Matriarkatet.

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SAVNET plakater

Idé og gjennomføring: Jo Even Bjørke.

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MA Teater
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

Veileder: Petter Width Kristiansen
Nettdesign, i dialog med studentene: Ylva Greni
Veileder video/klipp: Magne Pettersen